We are always happy to design a tailor-made workshop to meet your specific needs.


Strategy orientation

Strategic questions

This workshop is designed to improve the management team's capacity to work with insights, improve problem definition and generate ideas that will lead to effective strategic choices or more refined policies.

Crisis preparedness

LEGO Serious Play

If you want to improve your organisation's capacity to evaluate risks and to tackle crises, this workshop will strengthen your crisis preparedness and improve your risk and crisis communication.

Stakeholder insight

LEGO Serious Play company model

Understanding and actively engaging with your stakeholders will lead to better results. With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, we can help you gain deeper insights of those who are at the heart of your activities.


Comms planning

Strategic questions

Is your communication planning aligned to business objectives? Is it resilient? Have you considered all the risks? Just a few questions to be explored to make your communication plans work.

Campaign design

LEGO Serious Play

We will help you and your team think about your campaign's objectives, audience, messages, channels and measuring results by drawing on the collective intelligence of people who know best.

Exploring personas

LEGO Serious Play company model

Deep dive into your target audience with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®! Gain better insights about their interests, habits and desires in order to create meaningful and effective messages that will get them to act.


Away days


Empower your staff to contribute to discussions on mission critical topics  in a creative and positive way. Away days can be part of organisational change processes where staff is involved in shaping the future.

Team building

Team building with LEGO Serious Play

Often organised as an away day, we build a shared identity and establish common guiding principles for the team which will help each individual to be at his and her best when it comes to working as a team.


LEGO Serious Play ducks

Whenever you need lots of ideas to tackle a particular problem, we will improve your team's capacity to come up with new ideas in a fast-paced session that will mobilise your team's collective intelligence.


Peer-to-peer coaching

Peer coaching

This workshop is designed for people working in similar disciplines or in similar industries to coach each other in a trusted and safe space where they can discuss their concerns, issues and challenges in confidence.

Personal development

LEGO Serious Play

Played with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, this session allows participants a moment of personal introspection and helps the individual make decisions that are aligned with the individual’s identity.

Conference networking

Take networking to the next level by making participatory conversations part of your conference agenda. We enable participants to connect with each other and share knowledge in a meaningful way.


Inspiring insightful conversations

We design and deliver tailor made knowledge sharing, development, coaching and learning workshops for organisations, teams and individuals, using a variety of facilitation methods such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, conversational cafés and Design Thinking. We often work with a network of co-facilitators to meet the client's needs.

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